European Food Summit - European Food Summit: the future of food will be brought to the spotlight again in spring 2024

European Food Summit: the future of food will be brought to the spotlight again in spring 2024

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 25. 5. 2023

The European Food Summit, one of the most important international events, which has successfully built the future of responsible attitude towards food for the last few years, and thus leaving a positive mark not only in Europe but also globally, is returning to Slovenia in spring 2024.

The European Food Summit, which has been successfully setting milestones in the field of sustainable food systems for the past four years under the auspices of the event organiser, Jezeršek Catering, and in partnership with the Slovenian Tourist Board and Ljubljana Tourism has managed to generate a lot of interest in Europe as well as globally in just a few years. The co-founder of the European Food Summit and our best chef, Ana Roš from Hiša Franko, which boasts two Michelin stars, and the curator of the event, Andrea Petrini, one of the most powerful men and a great connoisseur of gastronomy on a global scale, have certainly played a key role in this as curators of the event. Adding to the visibility and expertise of the symposium, especially in the field of sustainable food systems, Dr Afton Halloran, a renowned expert in food systems, was the curator of last year's European Food Symposium.

Martin Jezeršek, the organiser of the European Food Summit and the CEO of Jezeršek Catering, explains: "In just a few years, the European Food Summit has grown into one of the most important events not only in Slovenia but also in Europe and the world. We have hosted many outstanding individuals who are pushing the boundaries of sustainable food systems, presented many challenges that call for urgent change, and learned about many inspiring stories and examples of good practices that represent the future of sustainable food systems. For example, at last year's edition, we launched the Common-Sensitarian Diet Manifesto, the brainchild of more than 20 experts in different fields, which has triggered some of the positive changes needed to move towards more sustainable food systems and has been supported by a number of ambassadors and other individuals."


Demands for change and a shift towards more sustainable food systems have been the subject of many policies, initiatives and conversations at various levels - at the state, economy and individual levels – not only in Slovenia and Europe but also around the world.

"The European Food Summit is becoming strategically important in the field of nutrition and needs the partnership of key authorities at the national and European level for its further development and for the event to be held at the highest level. This is the only way to move towards the vision of the European Food Summit becoming the most important international gatheringof all European, and moreover, all global food policymakers, the entire scientific community on sustainable food systems, representatives of agriculture, representatives of business and other key stakeholders," explains Martin Jezeršek.

The aim of the event organiser, Jezeršek Catering, which has been steadily following sustainable principles and pioneering a number of sustainable activities in the catering sector in Slovenia, and thus successfully building the sustainable image of the Jezeršek brand, is to make the European Food Summit the leading international gathering in the field of sustainable food systems, and to act as a platform for the exchange of good practices, new scientific findings and raising awareness among the professionals and general public, thus positioningSlovenia as an advanced country in the field of future nutrition.  

European Food Summit 2024

With the strong impact and important guidelines for the future of nutrition that the European Food Summit has left around the world, the event is returning to Ljubljana in spring 2024. This is the key to a positive impact, the introduction of sustainable development and the promotion of unity and progress. Martin Jezeršek sums up: "The European Food Summit will surely continue to be a source of inspiration, education and transformation for us all."

It is time for new knowledge, better habits, inspiration and encouragement for a better and sustainable future. What we will put on the table in the future will be revealed at the 2024 spring edition of the European Food Summit.

It is time to bring more to the table!