European Food Summit - News. - November 2022
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 10. 11. 2022

COMMON-SENSITARIAN DIET MANIFESTO: The new common sense food culture

THE "COMMON-SENSITARIAN" DIET is not a diet that restricts me in what I can and cannot eat. It is both a personal moral commitment and an appeal for social, economic and political change. It respects planetary boundaries and is necessary for restoring sustainable food systems with a lower negative impact on the climate and the environment.
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Ljubljana, 9. 11. 2022

European Food Summit: The 'Common-Sensitarian' Diet Manifesto for a Better Future

The European Food Summit has come to an end, marked by outstanding events and inspiring guests. Aiming to make its mark not only in Europe but also globally, the event saw the launch of The 'Common-Sensitarian' Diet Manifesto, which has already been endorsed by a wide range of ambassadors and other supporters.
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Ljubljana, 3. 11. 2022

Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are

The European Food Summit was ambitiously launched in 2019 with the aim of becoming one of the most important international events on food, nutrition and sustainability. Today, it returns with an even richer programme and bigger goals - to build a vision for the food of the future. The STB has been a partner of the European Food Symposium since the very beginning.
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