European Food Summit - European Food Summit: Food for future's good

European Food Summit: Food for future's good

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 27. 10. 2022

The European Food Summit, one of the most important international which helps build a vision of the nutrition of the future, returns to Ljubljana between November 5 and 7.

This year's edition of the European Food Summit combines the importance of a sustainable attitude to food, which has a holistic effect on the individual, the environment, and the community; the purpose of forming more responsible habits, which prioritize more conscious and more cautious handling of food; inspiration from global chefs and outstanding individuals from various fields who will share their knowledge, experience, ideas and visions on a sustainable attitude to food; and culinary experiences that will pamper our senses in a unique way.

Inspiring stories from the world of gastronomy

Gourmet Ljubljana Crawl, a unique and creative fusion of cuisine, culture, and architecture, will unveil the culinary secrets of the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, on Saturday, November 5. This time, the unforgettable culinary exploration is intertwined with the inspiring stories of cultural temples and attractions, including the beautiful Kapela hall along with the Miha Oblak Floral Gallery, the DobraVaga Gallery, the Bankarium Museum, the Ljubljana Town Hall, the City Museum, the House of Illusion andthe Maxi shopping arcade. On an unforgettable exploration, the participants will visit the locations, where ladies from JRE Slovenia will serve their signature dishes made from local ingredients. You will have a chance to taste the creations of Sara Kavčič (Gostilna pri Lojzetu), Nina Čarman (Gostilna Danilo), Patrizia Bevčič (Rizibizi), Barbara Košir (Grič), Martina Breznik (Hiša Raduha) and Sabina Repovž (Gostilna Repovž). Koželj Wine Merchant(Hiša dobrih vin, Koželj) will take care of the selected wine accompaniment. At the very last location, artist and illustrator Mitja Bokun and the chefs of Jezeršek gostinstvo will provide a unique culinary artistic performance inspired by women.

Saturday will end with Ljubljana Soul Chefs, an event where three top chefs from three renowned catering and restauranteur families will conjure up an unforgettable culinary evening. The charming surroundings will connect with creative energy and result in a unique dining experience. This time, stories will be told by the families that run Grič, Gostilna Mihovec and Dvor Jezeršek and who have been enthralling food lovers for generations.

Sunday, November 6, will be marked by the Feel Slovenia press trips, where representatives of the world's most influential media will get to know the boutique pearls of Slovenia and innovative individuals who are pushing the boundaries in the world of tourism, gastronomy, and entrepreneurship, and changing the future (of food) for the better. The tours will take them to charming locations with impressive stories from the world of gastronomy and entrepreneurship, where sustainability, circular economy, and sincere connections between local producers and top chefs are brought to the fore.

It is time to bring more to the table

The basic slogan of the European Food Summit says that it is time to bring more to the table and talk about a better future of food; to take advantage of the endless opportunities for healthier, more local, and more nutritious food, to more consciously think about food and create a better and more sustainable future for all.

The all-day symposium, which will take place on Monday, November 7, at the Ljubljana Castle, will serve up inspiring stories from the world's top chefs, including Alberto Landgraf (Oteque, Brazil), Rodolfo Guzman (Boragó, Chile), Mory Sacko (Paris, France) and Santiago Lastra (London, UK), renowned winemakers such as Laura Avogadro Di Collobiano and Chiara De Iulis Pepe (Italy), scientists and experts from various fields, including Dan Saladino (UK) and Marleen Onwenzen (the Netherlands), many writers and journalists and other influential individuals. Ongoing topics about sustainable food systems and gastronomy will encourage us to think ahead and act in favour of a better and more sustainable future. The curators, a Danish scientist specialized in sustainable food systems, Dr. Afton Halloran, and Andrea Petrini, one of the most influential names in the world of gastronomy, put biodiversity, the future of protein, food security, and changes in our relationship to food on the menu of this year's symposium. Renowned speakers will also share their views, visions, and ideas about cultural appropriation, the identity of restaurants and the truth about wine.

You should definitely not miss the premiere presentation of the new 'Common-Sensitarian' Food Culture Manifesto, created together with experts in various fields. The aim of the Manifesto is to improve society's attitude towards nutrition and food systems.

Also this year, the European Food Summit will end with the unforgettable Experience Dinner, a unique dining experience, where the chefs of Slovenian restaurants, which have received new Michelin stars this year, will join forces for the first time. Get ready to taste the culinary masterpieces of Igor Jagodic (Strelec Restaurant), Filip Matjaž (COB Restaurant), and David Žefran (Milka Restaurant).

FOOD FOR future's GOOD

The attitude towards food reflects core values and builds community for a better tomorrow. The European Food Summit aims to raise the visibility of Slovenia as one of the key European gastronomic and entrepreneurship destinations, where innovative stories based on the values of creating a better future for all – the environment, people, and the community – are written, and of Ljubljana as a gastronomic capital, which is why the event is supported by the Slovenian Tourist Board, Ljubljana Tourism and SPIRIT Slovenia, the Business Development Agency.

It is time to bring more to the table!

It is time for new knowledge, better habits, inspiration, and ideas for a better and more sustainable future. It is time for #efs2022!