European Food Summit - The connection between global challenges and food

The connection between global challenges and food

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 7. 10. 2022

A sustainable attitude towards food and food systems is not something intangible, in fact the consequences can be felt in our daily lives. A sustainable attitude towards food is the foundation that can make our future better. 

In recent years, the world has seen enormous changes and events that shifted the way we live. From the catastrophic consequences of climate change, conflicts between nations, the imbalance between those who create and those who consume, the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, not least to the consequences of war hotspots all over the world, especially the war in Ukraine.

These events require a collective response from nations around the world, which can be done by politicians and leaders, but it is individuals who can create the preconditions for change. And it all starts with the decisions we make in our everyday lives.

The attitude towards food and food systems needs to be placed in a dialogue.

Many events quickly make it to the headlines and to the forefront of debates and discussions, but all too often it happens that food is left out. Why is that? Food and food systems are the areas that are strongly impacted by these events. The climate change affects also the production of food, and the energy crisis, which resulted from the war, affect its price and availability. Since natural gas is used for cooking, heating, and fertilizing, the energy crisis also affects the price of fertilizers and, consequently, food production.

The insecure food supply is the result of global events as well as our basic attitude towards food, which we take for granted. Also, we do not think about it holistically, we do not respect food producers enough, and many people even no longer question its irrational consumption.

A sustainable attitude towards food is our value.

Only with a responsible approach can we align our habits with our values. If we live sustainably, we can take care of both the environment and the individual.

Sustainable attitude towards food means that we respect food, that we balance production and consumption, and that we choose locally produced food. By respecting local growers and producers buying local and seasonal ingredients, we can support the environment and reduce our carbon footprint, while still creating diverse and unique meals.

Creativity can open up many possibilities when preparing food. Why not use the food that was left for an afternoon snack or a side dish for your next lunch? Consuming less and being consistent in using food to its fullest is the most sustainable decision we can make.

The fact is that there is no future without food. Food is a daily human need that unites us. Not only because we all need it, but because the love for growing and preparing food connects us.

The slogan of the European Food Summit 2022 says that “It is time to bring more to the table” and adapt food systems to create a better (food) future. Let's take advantage of the endless opportunities for more healthy, more local, and more nutritious food, let’s put in more of ourselves and more of our thoughts.

We invite you to join us at the central event of the European Food Summit 2022, an all-day Symposium where we will talk about sustainable food systems and current topics in gastronomy. Join us on Monday, November 7, at the Ljubljana Castle. The topics covered will include biodiversity, the future of proteins, food security, and behavior changes in our attitude toward food being served to us.

It is time to listen to the world's top chefs, scientists, experts in various fields, writers and journalists, and other influential individuals, who will share their views, visions, and ideas on cultural appropriation, the identity of restaurants, the truth about wine, and about many other intriguing topics. Get ready for a dose of inspiration!