European Food Summit - This November, the European Food Summit shall evoke the idea of the future of food

This November, the European Food Summit shall evoke the idea of the future of food

Ljubljana, 1. 9. 2021

The European Food Summit, which ranked among the most important European culinary events in just one year should have occurred last March but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic to last fall and then to this year. As the organizers of the event, Jezeršek gostinstvo, announced some time ago, this year's European Food Summit will take place in November, more precisely between 6th and 8th November 2021, during the traditional culinary festival November Gourmet Ljubljana, when a series of culinary events are in progress in the capital, in the company of top chefs and winemakers.

Martin Jezeršek, the director of company Jezeršek gostinstvo and the representative of the organizer of the event explains: »We have remained optimistic to the last moment, but then suddenly, due to the measure to ban the execution of events in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection, we decided, together with the event partners Slovenian Tourist Board and Tourism Ljubljana, to postpone the European Food Symposium to this year. As the organizer, we truly wish to realize the entire program this time. If any new restrictions are adopted to prevent the spread of infections, we will be compelled to adjust the program and the structure of the event accordingly.«

During last year, when there were only a few months separating us from the beginning of our European Food Summit, we were still wondering whether the situation would turn normal again, whether the restaurants would accept guests and airplanes take off and land regularly, but today, we can undoubtedly say that we were then just blindly hoping the coronavirus pandemic was behind us. After more than a year, we are still licking our wounds and trying to find a way to recuperate and to help others, especially small restaurants and tradesmen who were severely hurt by the pandemic.

What can we thus expect from the European Food Summit? The curator of the event, Andrea Petrini responds: »Let’s admit it: it’s going to be a tricky, emotional affair when, finally, in a few months’ time, we are all going to catch up again in Ljubljana this November. When we see each other, face to face, talk to each other, after all this insanely long and painful time. And then see in our eyes how much these hard times have changed us and have changed the world along with us. And we’ll also find out, how in a long present of deliberate outspoken introspection, how much through our stories, our words, and through the sound and the rhythm of our spoken and broken words, we want to change, all together, that tiny little thing we all share and definitely have in common across all nations and divisions: that same world we all live in.«

Therefore, it is now time to bring more to the table – anew and all together, with our best female chef in the world, recipient of two Michelin stars and one of the symposium program creators, Ana Roš, who, together with the summit guests, will encourage us all to think in favor of a better and more sustainable future. »This year's European Food Symposium will mirror the current events in the world of gastronomy, culture and the current state of mind, while at the same time, it will provide answers about the future, guidelines and changes. We will ask ourselves new, different questions, perhaps reach compromises or perhaps find out that mountain cuisine is the future of world gastronomy, perhaps new ideas will be born,« Ana Roš thinks openly.

Martin Jezeršek hereby adds: »For sure, we also wish to be concrete and bring to the table some burning issues, which are important for the development and the future of food, as well as for gastronomy. At the end of the summit, we wish to obtain conclusions which will be useful for each participant. We must not forget that the world today needs food that is grown and used responsibly, and above all, that there is enough for everyone. But we also need food which is good for our body, mind and spirit, perhaps more than ever before. This year's European Food Summit will enlighten us about that as well.«

In addition to the interesting content of the Symposium which will host the biggest culinary names and outstanding individuals from the field of science, art, cuisine and the media world, who will inspire us with their stories and encourage us to think forward for a better and more sustainable future, the three-day program will enable culinary lovers to indulge in being pampered at exceptional accompanying culinary events. Among them, one should not miss the sensational Gourmet Ljubljana Crawl, a unique culinary exploration of the cultural temples and Ljubljana city sights with top Ljubljana chefs, unforgettable Experience dinner with the best culinary virtuosos, I Feel Slovenia daily excursions through hidden corners of Slovenia where unique world-class gourmet stories are being written, and one-of-a-kind culinary tandems, a.k.a. Ljubljana Soul Chefs.

We are convinced that the European Food Summit event shall once again, with its unsurpassing culinary program further contribute to the culinary flourishing of Ljubljana as the gastronomic capital, as well as Slovenia, which this year prides itself with the title of European Region of Gastronomy.

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