European Food Summit - European Food Summit next year

European Food Summit next year

Ljubljana, 29. 9. 2020

We were optimists. Not long ago, we still thought the circumstances would get back to normal, that restaurants would be welcoming guests as before, that planes would take off and land regularly and that we would put the fear of the covid 19 epidemic behind us. We believed this would be the time of healing our wounds and trying to figure out how to get back on track, how to help everyone, especially small restaurants and artisans, who have been hit hard by the epidemic.

Today, the covid 19 epidemic is still far from a just a fleeting memory of insecurity, which still roams around the entire world. Therefore, we decided to postpone the second European Food Summit to next year. We remain optimists, with the wish that we shall then be able to stand together and bring life back to a unified European space.

We would appreciate if you will be there with us next year, when we shall inspire and encourage the participants of the European Food Summit to think forward, for a better and more sustainable future of food.

Stay with us. Stay healthy.

We shall see each other at the European Food Summit 2021!