European Food Summit - The count down

The count down

Sora, 19. 1. 2020

Let's start the count down. There are exactly 66 days to one of the most important European events – the European Food Summit, which raises questions, gives answers and offers specific solutions for the modern world’s burning topics in the field of cuisine and eating. Andrea Petrini, Ana Roš and Martin Jezeršek, the event organizers and curators are sending a clear message into the world:

Martin Jezeršek: “The vision of the European Food Summit has never been as clear as it is at the moment, therefore, it will evolve and have an important role in the future.”  

Andrea Petrini: “With great opinions come great responsibilities and I’m 100% involved in this.”

Ana Roš: “I'm happy to see how the project evolves year after year.”

The project is a great as the people behind it. The trio behind the European Food Summit is well known for their global outstanding culinary performance. Andrea Petrini, a writer, journalist, curator of the GELINAZ project and the President of the Council of Judges of the World Restaurant Awards is considered one of the most important figures in the world of gastronomy. World-renowned media, such as The Telegraph, Vouge and Amuse describe him as "the god of food".

Ana Roš the world’s best chef according to the academy of The World's 50 Best Restaurants, who placed Slovenia on the gastronomic map and took Hiša Franko among the best restaurants in the world.

And Martin Jezeršek, Managing Director at Jezeršek gostinstvo d.o.o., the company with a 35-years tradition and experience in the field of HORECA and one of the top ranked catering providers in the EU, known for innovative and creative culinary solutions to suit any individual.

Harmoniously, they emphasise that it is the food which largely holds the threads of our planet's future. Consequently, we are witnessing the trend of forthcoming numerous culinary events. However, according to Andrea Petrini, the European Food Summit aims to close the gap between predictable and tediously planned summits.

“It’s unique. There’s nothing like European Food Summit around. We strive to a much more edgy cultural approach, a European focus on topics that concerns most of the planet. Also, the philosophy, the spirit is different from what is considered the norm everywhere else. A much funkier, laid back attitude, a bit of humor even when and especially when dealing with deadly serious topics. You should come to European Food Summit to hear what you are not allowed to hear, not even in your dreams, at all the much more market driven symposiums, which means grossly 98% of them – except for MAD, of course.”

The event as a whole is bringing more to the table and interdisciplinary engaging in cuisine and eating, it thus invites a truly broad spectrum of people. Ana Roš: “I would honestly like to see involved a lot of Slovenian chefs, sommeliers, opinion makers, bloggers, journalist and whoever is working or talking about our business, because we are talking about very serious things which people sometimes forget are an important part of our life. I think it is wrong to criticise when you are not a part of creating something good for the future. So, I would truly like to see as many of them as possible. On the other hand, it is also very good for random people, people who don’t work in our business, to understand that gastronomy is a lot more than simply wine and food, but really global thinking, since whatever happens in our everyday life effects gastronomy as well.”

The aim of the European Food Summit 2020 is thus very clear. Martin Jezeršek: “I wish it would inspire every individual to think about what they can do to create a better future.”