European Food Summit - 0 kilometer - eat local

0 kilometer - eat local

Sora pri Medvodah, 11. 12. 2019
Nowadays, a cooking spoon in your hand and some pots on the stove can take you on a culinary trip to any country in the world. Our plates can serve ingredients from the countries we have never even visited before. It only takes a quick jump to the supermarket or a click on the right online store to enjoy such a ‘retreat’.  Endless creations in the kitchen enrich our culinary experiences and take our taste buds to new dimensions.

However, let us think twice when we wish to brighten up a winter’s evening with strawberries or some tropical fruit. Thousands of kilometers are necessary to recreate your summer in the middle of winter. Is that really so important? Such an immense carbon footprint for just a few bites when in all likelihood, we can get local and fresh fruit in the immediate vicinity of our home, at a nearby farm or marketplace. The European Food Summit is committed to creating unique culinary masterpieces by shopping for quality local ingredients, thus supporting the environment, while leaving no carbon footprint behind.

An interesting experiment was made at The Guardian. 20 different food products were ordered from different parts of the world. Can you imagine how many kilometers their shopping cart traveled? 
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