European Food Summit - News. - December 2019
Sora, 18. 12. 2019

Stop wasting food!

Food is not merely fuel for our bodies, since it also has a strong social significance. We socialize over good food, make memories, celebrate anniversaries, blow candles, take new steps, toast to successes and many other things. Therefore, it is even more surprising that a third of the food we produce never even lands on a plate.
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Ljubljana, 12. 12. 2019

European Food Summit – FOOD for future’s GOOD

European Food Summit, as the peak of gastronomic Europe is returning to Ljubljana, Slovenia. With the main emphasis on food culture, diversity and sustainability, it sets the direction for the future. Top chefs, scientists and internationally renowned journalists and individuals making the world a better place are coming to Slovenia between 28th and 30th March 2020. It is time we bring more to the table.
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Sora pri Medvodah, 11. 12. 2019

0 kilometer - eat local

Nowadays, a cooking spoon in your hand and some pots on the stove can take you on a culinary trip to any country in the world. Our plates can serve ingredients from the countries we have never even visited before. It only takes a quick jump to the supermarket or a click on the right online store to enjoy such a ‘retreat’. Endless creations in the kitchen enrich our culinary experiences and take our taste buds to new dimensions.
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Sora pri Medvodah, 4. 12. 2019

The message of our planet is clear: “You are doing something terribly wrong!”

Climate changes and global warming are consequences of the problems we have created by decades of irresponsible treatment of our planet. Chad Frischmann, Research Director of the Drawdown project, who is looking for solutions to global warming around the world says that "The society knows what can be done. We have the technology and the knowledge which allows us to diminish the global warming of our planet, however, we lack the desire to do so."
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Sora pri Medvodah, 1. 12. 2019

European Food Summit returns to Slovenia in March

It's official! European Food Summit returns to Slovenia in March. With its main focus on food culture, food diversity and food sustainability, it dictates a direction for the future. Save the date from March 28 to March 30, 2020. Top chefs, scientists, internationally recognized journalists and individuals who are changing our world for the better, are coming to Slovenia. It's time we bring more to the table.
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