European Food Summit - Andrea Petrini about European Food Summit in Slovenian hidden gems

Andrea Petrini about European Food Summit in Slovenian hidden gems

Sora pri Medvodah, 22. 3. 2019

“My mum used to say while walking me to school in the morning, don’t be a fool, try to hang out with kids smarter than you. Basically, that’s we all did during the four days of the first edition of our European Food Summit. We talked, discussed, argued and cut bread and drank (a lot of orange) wine with chefs, scientists, journalists, farmers and winemakers, trying to figure out what could really bind us together. Many topics were explored, and questions answered. How can sustainability be the keyword for more daring and progressive cooking? How to break the bubble the world of gastronomy has been floating in for decades and make cuisine finally rhyme with the contradictions of the society we all live in? The old saying goes, tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are. But chefs should rather ask, “Who am I cooking for?” That’s overtly the proposal of Andoni Luis Aduriz, the mind behind the Mugaritz in the Basque Country, whose talk closed the summit, combining poetics and politics while provoking the minds of the audience to try and expose the possible ways of escaping the strict, oppressive and exploitative rules the Gastronomic Imperialism – instituted by restaurants guides and fine dining centered lists – has forced upon the world of gastronomy.

What a smashing weekend of food and binge drinking we had at the European Food Summit! But wait a minute: Hiša Franko, JB Restavracija, Gostilna pri Lojzetu - Dvorec Zemono, Monstera Bistro, Atelje, Dvor Jezeršek ... is that everybody? No, we are certain that all around Slovenia there are many more hidden gems simply waiting to be exposed to the world. We mustn’t forget one of the most original and unpredictable places of all Slovenia and probably of the world: Skaručna, blending the best locally sourced products, artisanal excellency and theatrical ritualism. A remarkable restaurant that none of the European Food Summit participants will ever be able to forget. It should be named a national treasure!”