European Food Summit - News.
8. 3. 2023

Biodiversity - what causes its decline and why this is a problem

Biodiversity is a complex concept that describes the abundance and diversity of species in nature. It is a key indicator of the health of ecosystems and ensures that nature can function in balance.
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Ljubljana, 6. 3. 2023

How can digitalization help solve global food problems?

Let us recall that in September 2015, at the United Nations General Assembly, countries around the world signed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, with the aim of ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring that all people live in peace and prosperity.
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Ljubljana, Slovenia, 10. 11. 2022

COMMON-SENSITARIAN DIET MANIFESTO: The new common sense food culture

THE "COMMON-SENSITARIAN" DIET is not a diet that restricts me in what I can and cannot eat. It is both a personal moral commitment and an appeal for social, economic and political change. It respects planetary boundaries and is necessary for restoring sustainable food systems with a lower negative impact on the climate and the environment.
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Ljubljana, 9. 11. 2022

European Food Summit: The 'Common-Sensitarian' Diet Manifesto for a Better Future

The European Food Summit has come to an end, marked by outstanding events and inspiring guests. Aiming to make its mark not only in Europe but also globally, the event saw the launch of The 'Common-Sensitarian' Diet Manifesto, which has already been endorsed by a wide range of ambassadors and other supporters.
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Ljubljana, 3. 11. 2022

Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are

The European Food Summit was ambitiously launched in 2019 with the aim of becoming one of the most important international events on food, nutrition and sustainability. Today, it returns with an even richer programme and bigger goals - to build a vision for the food of the future. The STB has been a partner of the European Food Symposium since the very beginning.
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Ljubljana, Slovenia, 27. 10. 2022

European Food Summit: Food for future's good

The European Food Summit, one of the most important international which helps build a vision of the nutrition of the future, returns to Ljubljana between November 5 and 7. This year's edition of the European Food Summit combines the importance of a sustainable attitude to food, which has a holistic effect on the individual, the environment, and the community; the purpose of forming more responsible habits, which prioritize more conscious and more cautious handling of food; inspiration from global chefs and outstanding individuals from various fields who will share their knowledge, experience, ideas and visions on a sustainable attitude to food; and culinary experiences that will pamper our senses in a unique way.
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Ljubljana, 20. 10. 2022

EFS: Women in Wine Mateja Gravner, Chiara De Iulis Pepe, Laura Di Collobiano

Mateja Gravner, Chiara De Iulis Pepe and Laura Di Collobiano can definitely tell you a thing or two not just about wine and winemaking in Italy, but also about keeping a legacy of a renowned family run wineries, all three associated with big label wines in high demand throughout the world, but also firmly committed to organic production.
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Ljubljana, 18. 10. 2022

The beautiful Mind of Rodolfo Guzman

There are certain chefs whose dishes you recognize almost immediately – they are so unique, have such a strong personal touch where chef’s style really comes through. Rodolfo Guzman is at the very top of those kind of chefs.
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Ljubljana, Slovenia, 17. 10. 2022

Grasshoppers and crickets – food of the future?

In recent years, the negative effects of food on our environment have been brought to the spotlight. Mainly due to its production, processing and packaging. More than a third of all greenhouse gas emissions in the world result from this. It's time to start thinking about solutions, about alternatives. If we, as a society, want to change the trend of the increasing burden on the environment, we must change our eating habits. The food of the future is the food that has a positive effect on both humans and the environment.
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Ljubljana, 12. 10. 2022

Dan Saladino: Eating to Extinction

»Some argue that humans are programmed to seek out the good stuff, but our tastes and choices have been so heavily edited that we’ve lost that sense now,« points out Dan Saladino, a journalist and presenter of the weekly Food Programme on BBC Radio 4 where he’s been reporting on food and agriculture for the past 15 years.
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