The message of our planet is clear: “You are doing something terribly wrong!”

Sora pri Medvodah, 4. 12. 2019

Climate changes and global warming are consequences of the problems we have created by decades of irresponsible treatment of our planet. Chad Frischmann, Research Director of the Drawdown project, who is looking for solutions to global warming around the world says that "The society knows what can be done. We have the technology and the knowledge which allows us to diminish the global warming of our planet, however, we lack the desire to do so."

Since as much as 40 % of the solutions leading to a reduction in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are associated with our food system, every one of us can make a difference for our planet. How we produce food, what we eat and how much food we throw away are some of the most effective decisions we can take for the benefit of our planet and thus, as individuals, contribute to the reduction of global warming.

Therefore, when the way we grow our food shall change, when we start feeding primarily on foods based on plant protein and less on products of animal origin, and when we start behaving respectfully towards the food and thus waste less food, then the current capacity on which we grow food shall be enough to feed the entire world's population in a healthy and nutritious way. Consequently, there will be no need to destroy new forests, and the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will significantly decrease.

What planet we shall live on is, therefore, entirely our decision. Start changing your habits today.

Foto: European Commission, ©Fotolia, buraratn_100, 2017