Have you ever experienced the cusine, culture and architecture of a city being served on one plate? At the Gourmet Ljubljana Crawl, you may experience all that. Your taste buds will be taken on a unique culinary exploration of Ljubljana city sights and cultural temples. At several spots across town, Slovenian chefs will prepare top-quality authentic dishes from local ingredients, served with selected wines by best Slovenian winemakers. Get ready for a delicious stroll through the streets of Ljubljana.

Locations and guest chefs will be revealed soon.

In collaboration with Ljubljana Tourism and brand Gourmet Ljubljana.


Luka Košir


The honour of opening the Gourmet Ljubljana Crawl goes to one of the most promising chefs of the younger generation, who is writing his own story founded on avant-garde approaches to local, traceable and sustainable cuisine. Luka Košir (Grič, Michelin Star *), the newly crowned Michelin chef, will welcome you at the Slovenian Tourist Information Centre (STIC) and start of the crawlers on a unique culinary journey with his amuse-bouche.

Amouse-bouche will be available between 11:30am and 1pm.

Marko Magajne

Galerija okusov

Marko Magajne (Galerija okusov, the Plate Michelin), chef with never fails to deliver a superb dining experience. Marko will aim to inspire the visitors at the Dobra vaga Gallery, designed by the world-famous Jože Plečnik, which puts at the forefront the aesthetic contemplations of the younger generation of artists. Want to know which dish the chef will present to us as his chef-d’œuvre?

Jorg Zupan


Jorg Zupan (Atelje, Michelin Star *, and Breg) will welcome you at the Town Hall, where projects by the Municipality of Ljubljana as well as other endeavours significant for the city of Ljubljana are displayed. Jorg is a chef with limitless imagination and the youngest two-time Michelin Star chef in Slovenia, who persistently pushes the boundaries of modern cuisine and never forgets to spice up his culinary creations with a pinch of humour.

The Historical Atrium will host an exhibition in the scope of RinF – Recycle in Fashion, while at the Glass Atrium, an exhibition by Marija Mojca Pungerčar titled Nina nano will on display.

Nina Čarman

Gostilna Danilo

At the Slovenian Museum of Natural History, Slovenia's oldest cultural and scientific institution as well as the central Slovenian museum in the field of natural history, you will be able to learn about nature in an enjoyable and engaging manner. Visitors will continue to learn about history with the plate of Chef Nina Čarman (Danilo Restaurant, the Plate Michelin), who continuously draws inspiration for her work from old and traditional recipes, spiced up with modern trends and new techniques.

Jure Tomič

Gostilna Debeluh

Enter the magical world of illusion and realise that nothing is as it seems. Chef Jure Tomič (Ošterija Debeluh, the Plate Michelin,) without a doubt the most internationally recognisable name in cuisine in the Posavje region, will be introducing himself at the House of Illusions. Are you ready for an unforgettable culinary experience in a world of illusion under the direction of a fantastical chef who was crowned the world pasta champion?

Miha Dolinar

Skipass Mama Marija

What do caviar and money have in common? Chef Miha Dolinar (Mama Marija/Skipass), who will introduce visitors to the wealth of cuisine from the kingdom of the Goldhorn at the Bankarium. In addition to the luscious flavours of the main course, at the Banking Museum of Slovenia, an exhibition of the banking heritage in Slovenia from 1820 to present day will be on display.

Leon Pintarič


The most picturesque venue is surely the beautiful ambience of Ljubljana's Križanke, where the creation by the talented young Chef Leon Pintarič (Rajh Restaurant, BIB Gourmand) will come into existence. With his dedication to innovation, creativity and youth, Pintarič is reviving the traditional recipes from the era of his great-grandmother in a unique and modern way.

Jernej Bende


They say that the best is always saved for last. So head for the verdant hill in the middle of the city, to Ljubljana Castle, where Chef Jernej Bende (Restaurant MaK, the Plate Michelin) will welcome you with a dessert behind ancient castle walls. We are positive you will not be disappointed by the dessert nor the view of the city.