European Food Summit – Food for Future’s Good.

The European Food Summit is bound to a specific mission – to become the most important European culinary event and a unique platform that contributes to the shaping of a sustainable European future.

That is why, in Ljubljana, we have brought together the greatest minds in culinary, art and media sectors whose stories will aim to motivate listeners to engage in more progressive thinking and work toward a brighter and more sustainable future.

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We are proud that the potential of the event was also recognized by one of the key players in the culinary world, Andrea Petrini and is joining Ana Roš to plan this amazing event for this year's edition.


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  • SUNDAY | 17 MAR
  • MONDAY | 18 MAR
  • TUESDAY | 19 MAR
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Meet our guest speakers that will share their inspirational stories with us at the conference part of the summit. Please note that the list is not final yet. We have more speakers coming, some also from the so-called Slovenian Ethno gastronomical space. But let’s keep them a secret for now. Stay tuned - list will be updated daily.

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13. february 2019

European Food Summit will host internationally recognised chefs and the greatest minds from the culinary, art and media sectors

In March of this year, the European Food Summit will bring together at a single location famous personalities from the culinary, art and media sectors who will strive to dazzle with inspirational stories and encourage listeners to take a more progressive stance for a brighter and sustainable future. In partnership with the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) and Ljubljana Tourism, a series of individual events will be held in a four day period, including a technical conference hosted by Ana Roš and Andrea Petrini, culinary crawl through Ljubljana’s sights and landmarks accompanied by Ljubljana’s best chefs, pre-premier of the best culinary market in the region, an unforgettable experience dinner in a magical setting, gourmet ski race at Krvavec and much more.