European Food Summit – Food for Future’s Good.

The European Food Summit is bound to a specific mission – to become the most important European culinary event and a unique platform that contributes to the shaping of a sustainable European future.

That is why, in Ljubljana, we have brought together the greatest minds in culinary, art and media sectors whose stories will aim to motivate listeners to engage in more progressive thinking and work toward a brighter and more sustainable future.

Ready, set, taste!



We are proud that the potential of the event was also recognized by one of the key players in the culinary world, Andrea Petrini and is joining Ana Roš to plan this amazing event for this year's edition.

Speakers 2019



22. march 2019

Andrea Petrini about European Food Summit in Slovenian hidden gems

“My mum used to say while walking me to school in the morning, don’t be a fool, try to hang out with kids smarter than you. Basically, that’s we all did during the four days of the first edition of our European Food Summit. We talked, discussed, argued and cut bread and drank (a lot of orange) wine with chefs, scientists, journalists, farmers and winemakers, trying to figure out what could really bind us together. Many topics were explored, and questions answered. How can sustainability be the keyword for more daring and progressive cooking?
21. march 2019

A gastronomic star is born – the European Food Summit

The four-day European Food Summit has now been concluded. Thanks to the extraordinary programme composed of a series of creative events with internationally recognised names in food and top Slovenian chefs, as well as an excellent organisation, the European Food Summit will be remembered for years to come by both the guests as well as the attendees. With its concept, a combination of courage and creativity, the European Food Summit has taken its rightful place among Europe’s best food events, the future editions of which surely should not be missed.
15. march 2019

Food event of the year kicks off – European Food Summit

The European Food Summit, the largest culinary event in the region hosting the biggest names in food, kicks off tomorrow in Ljubljana. The first guest speakers who will attempt to inspire with their stories towards a more progressive attitude and behaviour for a better and sustainable future have already arrived in Slovenia. Today, they will be visiting Hiša Franko for the spring menu premiere and meeting the best chefs from Ljubljana and throughout Slovenia. During the summit, the four-day period will also include other events for foodies as well as professionals.