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Good food is more than just a matter of good taste.

Food produced



By purchasing local produce, we create unique culinary masterpieces, support local farmers and do not leave any carbon print behind us.

Discarded food



Since there are about 88 million tons of wasted food in Europe per year, we are raising the level of food culture and offer ways of diminishing the amount of wasted food.

Hungry people in the world



Only the wasted food in Europe could feed all the hungry in the world twice. Therefore, through sustainable action, we promote responsibility for food.

Each of us has an important role.
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You're not only what you eat but how you eat it.

The European Food Summit, one of the leading European culinary events returned to Ljubljana, Slovenia in November. World’s top chefs and extraordinary individuals from the culinary, art and media fields, making the world a better place through the future of food, came to Slovenia between 6th and 8th November 2021. Through their stories, they inspired and encouraged us to think forward and work toward a better and more sustainable future.

At this year's European Food Summit, we were happy to welcome all these inspiring individuals whose actions speak louder than words.

Chefs, (food) writers, wine makers and other genius minds are coming to Ljubljana to share their ideas, concerns and inspiring stories to discuss the future of food.

Maria Canabal

Founder and president of the Parabere Forum, France

Parabere Forum is an annual event that gathers thought leaders in the field of food and promotes women's points of view and voices in the food industry and creating a powerful, global network in order to strengthen the influence of women in the food sector. Maria Canabal also writes for Gourmet, Monocle, Vogue Casa amongst others and was awarded as "Most Influential Women in Gastronomy" in 2015 by the Foundation Woman's Week.

Nicolai Nørregaard

Chef, Kadeau restaurants, Denmark

One of the early proponents of the Nordic Cuisine movement. The food in both of his Kadeau restaurants (on the island of Bornholm with 1 Michelin star and in Copenhagen with 2 Michelin stars), is based on wild nature and local farmers. Pickling, drying, brining, curing and reducing to jus - Nicolai Nørregaard perfectly masters all the techniques and this is how, even in winter, the most varied tastes and aromas from his homeland unfold in his dishes.

Marie-Claude Lortie

Journalist and activist, Le Droit, Canada

Marie-Claude has recently been appointed editor-in-chief of the daily Le Droit in Ottawa. Before that, she was a columnist with the Montreal daily La Presse, where she worked for 33 years, covering everything from politics to fashion, with a long-time specialization in gastronomy and agriculture. She is also the author of several books, including her latest, The Future is in the Fields, co-written with star farmer Jean-Martin Fortier. It is about why we should all choose to support local and natural or organic agriculture. When she is not running half-marathons, she can be seen defending her feminist analyses of everything or explaining why maple syrups are not all created equal.    

John Lanchester

Writer, Great Britain

One of the most distinguished British writers to emerge in the wake of his celebrated peers from the previous generation, from Martin Amis to Salman Rushdie, Ian McEwan and Jonathan Coe. His breakthrough Whitbread Prize winner thrilling gourmet roman-à-clé "The Debt to Pleasure" (1996) has been translated all over the world. Acclaimed fiction writer (Mr Philips, 2000; Class, 2012; The Wall, 2019) Lanchester has been collaborating over the years to many of the long read, quality writing defining publications around the English speaking world such as the London Review of Books, the New Yorker, Esquire and The Guardian where he used to be one of the most singularly voiced and nonclassical food writers. His speech at the European Food Summit promises to be a major hit.

Colombe Saint-Pierre

Chef, Chez St-Pierre, Canada

Colombe Saint-Pierre is a self-taught chef, searching for inspiration in her family, travelling and adventure. After around 10 years spent exploring and discovering various culinary cultures across many continents around the world, her passion for food guided her back to her native village in the Lower St. Laurence region of Quebec. The driving force behind her cooking is promotion of the incredible diversity of regional culinary cultures and raising awareness about the vital importance of environmental protection and conservation. Her restaurant Chez St-Pierre and her championing of local products have placed her hometown on the many food lovers’ map.

Nicolas Bourriaud

Best-selling author and French art theorist, France

Nicolas Bourriaud is a curator and art critic, as well as the former Director of the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. He was the Gulbenkian Curator of Contemporary Art at Tate Britain from 2007 to 2010, where he curated the fourth Tate Triennial. He is the author of a number of books, including Postproduction, Altermodern, and the highly acclaimed Relational Aesthetics.

Angél León

Chef, Aponiente, Spain

Leon, “El Chef del Mar« (Chef of the Sea), is that kind of cook. A three-Michelin-star chef, but one that will call himself a fisherman first, everything else comes after. When he speaks about sea and oceans he’s not selling yet another story on sustainability, yet another second-hand fairytale. He can deliver the story because he’s out there on the sea practically every day at dawn, scouting the depths of Bay of Cadiz with his fishing boat.

Rebbeca Clopath

Chef, Swizerland

Her cooking philosophy begins with the seeds and organic cultivation of vegetables and field crops as well as the respectful keeping of farm animals. Vegetables, for example, should grow in healthy soil using alternative, near-natural cultivation methods. She says that there are so many tasty and rare varieties to rediscover that are simply fantastic to cook and eat!

Rene Redzepi

Chef, Noma, Denmark

Danish chef and co-owner of the three-Michelin star restaurant Noma. His restaurant was voted the best restaurant in the world by Restaurant magazine's World's Best Restaurants in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014, and was awarded its third Michelin star in 2021. Redzepi is noted for his work on the reinvention and refinement of a new Nordic cuisine and food that is characterized by inventiveness and clean flavours.

Jeanne Dumas Chalifour & Matteo Monterumisi

Farmers, Mountain farm, Slovenia

Couple originally from Canada and Italy with an interesting history from biodynamic winemaking decided to try their luck somewhere unknown. They moved to Slovenia, where they first collaborated with few natural wine makers and rented their first vineyard. After some time, they left the wine region and moved to Srednje, a high hills village of nine inhabitants, old orchard of indigenous varieties, perfect sun exposure, healthy soil, fresh air, abandoned centenary house and stable. That was the perfect canvas. Now they are keeping goats, baking, cooking, building and growing vegetables for their family, for neighbors, friends and for Hiša Franko restaurant.

Andraž Tuš

Engrotuš, Slovenia

Entrepreneur with a passion for innovative technological solutions that make lives easier for people. He thrives on consistently taking on new challenges, be it business or sports. The latest two: Reposition Tuš as a quality & convenience oriented grocery retailer and row 1000km (on indoor rower) in as little days as possible. The ongoing paradigm shift in retail and related industries towards accelerated digitalisation will build numerous new businesses and improve supply-chain efficiency of food. There is an enormous opportunity in reducing food waste and at the same time improving one’s quality of life by using the latest data-centric technologies. Tuš is gearing up to be the industry leader and Andraž is consistently taking steps to get it there.

What will be on our tables in the future?

Watch videos of all speeches at European Food Summit 2021 
It’s up to us to create a future of milk and honey.
The event is only as great as the people creating it. Therefore, crème de la crème professionals keep a vigilant eye on the European Food Summit:

Ana Roš

Member of the Expert Council,

the world’s best chef according to the academy of The World's 50 Best Restaurants, who placed Slovenia on the gastronomic map and took Hiša Franko among the best restaurants in the world.

Andrea Petrini

Curator, Member of the Expert Council,

a writer, journalist, curator of the GELINAZ project and the President of the Council of Judges of the World Restaurant Awards is considered one of the most important figures in the world of gastronomy. World-renowned media, such as The Telegraph, Vouge and Amuse describe him as "the god of food".

Martin Jezeršek

Event organizer, Member of the Expert Council,

Managing Director at Jezeršek gostinstvo d.o.o. A company with 35 years of tradition and experience in the field of HORECA, and one of the top ranked catering provider in the EU. They are known for innovative and creative culinary solutions to suit the/any individual.


The taste of an instant flavour fades, the taste of responsible kitchen remains forever.

We constantly bring culinary triumphs to the table, question how food can improve the world and raise food culture to a higher level. It is of immense pride to grow each year and see the indispensable mark we are leaving in the world of culinary and social responsibility.